One Big FatHappy Family

Since 2009, FatHappy has been a full-service video production company creating content for a variety of local, national, and international clients across a variety of industries.

In 2018, Baz and Wilder took over as the new owners and now serve as the creative heart of the team.

Today, FatHappy is a flock of black sheep. Vagabonds and techies who found each other through their art. A team that loves to cuss, discuss and create memories like a family at the dinner table.

Amber "Baz" Vogts Portrait

Amber "Baz" Vogts

Owner & Creative Producer
Matthew David Wilder Portrait

Matthew David Wilder

Owner & Creative Director
Portrait of Adam

Adam Velasquez Intriago

Associate Creative Director
Portrait of Eritria Pitts

Eritria Pitts

Portrait of Alison Goldberger

Alison Goldberger

Portrait of Marieven Artigas

Marieven Artigas

Lead Motion Designer
Portrait of Hannah, a project manager

Hannah Babst

Project Manager
Portrait of Harold Vogts Wilder


Front Desk / Good Boi

Like every lively family, we have a lot of strange and wonderful cousins. They make up our handpicked network of brilliant contractors who are ready at a moment’s notice to inject their unique personality and skills into any FatHappy production. If you’re lucky, you might see one or two of these faces on a future collaboration.

Portrait of Jeremy Blum

Jeremy Blum

Producer / Shooter / Director

bron moyi

Director / DP


Director of Photography
Portrait of Levi Porter

Levi Porter

Director of Photography
Portrait of Bao Ngo

Bao Ngo

1st AC
Portrait of Ian Cessna


Motion Designer

Together, we have decades upon decades of experience in this game. And with each passing year, we discover new ways to add to our repertoire and dish out some of the best creative content on the market.